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Teeth Veneers Seattle, WA

Teeth Veneers Seattle, Washington with Crown Hill DentalWe can change the look of your teeth, hiding imperfections or just to improve esthetics with dental veneers. At Crown Hill Dental Care, our dentists, can make a significant change in the look of your smile simply and painlessly. Our team can answer your questions and show you how veneers can make a difference.

What are veneers?

Dental veneers are a porcelain shell used to cover the face of your front teeth. The veneers are very thin, highly durable, and custom made to the color and shape that you need. One of our dentists will work with you for a perfect fit that is then created at a professional dental laboratory. Once they are ready, our dentists will bond the veneers onto your front of teeth, creating a beautiful and more perfect smile.

Why get veneers?

Our patients love veneers because they can significantly change the look of your smile, by completely reshaping your front teeth. They can often be a more simple alternative to crowns, providing esthetics, though not the strength of a crown, and are the ideal solution in treating many cosmetic dental conditions for the front teeth.

Tooth veneers are a very durable cosmetic solution that should last several years, but will require replacement at some point. They can make a discernable difference in the look of your smile. Let our dentists, Dr. Walker, Dr. Drumhiller, Dr. Goll and Dr. O'Connor show you how.

Some common reasons our patients seek customized porcelain veneers include:
•  To give front teeth that are crooked a straighter look.
•  To correct the look of misshapen teeth.
•  To cover teeth that have been severely discolored due to medication or staining.
•  To cover teeth that have been tarnished from fluorosis.
•  To change the appearance of teeth that are too large or too small.
•  To fill in gaps between teeth.
•  To cover teeth that are chipped or fractured, giving them a perfect look.

What is the process of getting porcelain veneers?

The placement of veneers generally requires two office visits, maybe more depending on any restoration needed. First, one of our dentists will prepare the teeth by shaping the natural teeth. To receive veneers, the natural teeth are permanently altered, the natural structure needs to be reduced. Following the shaping, the teeth are buffed, to allow for better adhesion. Our dentist will then take a mold or impression of your teeth, and we will discuss the shade or color that is the best fit for your teeth.

At the second visit, with your new customized veneers ready, your teeth will be cleansed with specialized cleansers that will help the teeth achieve a durable bond. With everything now prepared and ready, your dentist will place the veneers with bonding cement which will then be hardened and set with a light beam.

With your new veneers securely placed, you will receive instructions on how to care for them. As always, proper brushing, flossing and regular dental visits will extend the life of your new and beautiful veneers. For more information on dental veneers, contact one of the dentists from our team at Crown Hill Dental Care, our dentists:

Jennifer Walker, DDS
Robert Drumhiller, DDS
Dr. George Goll, DDS, MSD
Dr. Ryan O' Connor, DDS

Or by contacting our Seattle, WA 98117 office at: (206) 204-9623

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Dr. Jennifer Walker
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