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Friendly & Gentle
"I actually enjoy going to the dentist. Friendly, gentle, and they are all perfectionists so you always leave with pearly whites!"
-Katie D.

Great Personal Care
"I visited Crown Hill Dental Care for my first dental appointment in over 5 years; needless to say I wasn't overly excited to go, as I haven't been the most diligent flosser in those 5+ years. But they were AMAZING. From interactions on the phone to set up my appointment, to the care my dental hygienist gave me (she was hilarious!), to the care that Dr. Drumhiller gave me as well, I can honestly say I had a great dental experience. If you're looking for personal care and people that will take great care of you, you need to check them out."
-Courtney B.

Outstanding Care
"Crown Hill provides outstanding care. I have been a client for more than thirty years, and will be as long as the business exists. Rob Drumhiller is my dentist."
-Charlie S.

Made Sure I Was Comfortable
"I have been living in Seattle five years and have bounced around a few dentists that I had issues with (problematic work done, unreasonable policies, rudeness from front desk) so I am thrilled to have found Dr. Drumhiller. I had a couple crowns I needed to have done and my last dentist had ridiculous hours and a front desk girl that was incredibly difficult to deal with. So, her loss. Dr. Drumhiller is so convenient for me in Ballard but that is the least of why I love his practice. I am a dentist-phobe and he put me at ease, always making sure I was comfortable. His assistant Nicole is the best. She is very understanding and can immediately pick up on any sort of discomfort or fear and quickly help address it. The work was quick but done very well and I had no problem scheduling all four of my appointments. The front desk woman (I can't remember her name!) is extremely gracious and always wanted to know my pain level in case I needed to get in sooner. In all, everyone I dealt with was kind and caring but extremely professional. I barely had any pain during and after treatment which I cannot say of all my other dentists.

I cannot recommend Dr. Drumhiller enough. I'm very happy with the level of service I received."

-Deena P.

Treated Me With Respect
"My childhood was ripe with fear of the dentist. I didn't brush like I should have and ate way too much candy and drank too much Pepsi so my visits were full of angst. It didn't help much that the 60's were the equivalent of the Jurassic era for dentistry. After many adult years of avoiding the dentist I went in search of someone that would treat me with respect and with kid gloves. That person was Dr. Drumhiller! Now, after 20 years of being in his care I can't imagine seeing anyone else. The staff are friendly and will take good care of you. Looking for a new dentist? I would highly recommend Dr. Drumhiller."
-Joe B.

Friendly & Professional
"A very friendly and professional place. Very respectful and thorough. I had to get a crown put on and was pretty frightened and they made it very comfortable for me. It helps that they are always complimenting my teeth too :)"

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