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Dental Sealants Seattle, WA

We love dental sealants at Crown Hill Dental Care and you will too. They are one of the best innovations in dentistry. A dental sealant is a resin material that our dentists paint into the deep crevices of back teeth, areas where bacteria can easily gather and cause cavities. Once the sealant is placed, we use a light to set it so that it is hard and blends in with the enamel of your tooth. By sealing these vulnerable areas we can prevent future cavities!

Are dental sealants just for children?

Dental SealantsNo. Dental sealants can be used for any of our patients. We do recommend that all of our child patients receive dental sealants. It will help protect their teeth through their formative years when they are still learning the process for caring for their teeth. Without sealants, a majority of children will have at least one, and most children will have multiple cavities by the time they turn 18. The exciting news here at Crown Hill Dental Care is that we are seeing more and more children whom have had sealants reach adulthood without ever experiencing a cavity.

Adult patients who have had problems with tooth decay are good candidates for dental sealants. By sealing over deep grooves that are prone to collecting plaque and cavity-causing bacteria we may be able to prevent future tooth decay.

Why should I get dental sealants?

Dental sealants are a cost-effective, preventative step that will reduce the instance of tooth decay on the chewing surfaces of your molars. If you have questions regarding dental sealants and would like more information, contact our Seattle office at: 206-204-9623

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