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Dental Bonding Seattle, WA

Dental Bonding in Seattle, Washington with Crown Hill DentalAt Crown Hill Dental Care we believe in bringing you the best in dental technology. We also believe in providing solutions that give you the most value for your expense. Composite dental bonding is one of those unique areas in dentistry where quality meets a low cost solution and we are excited to offer it to our patients!

What is composite dental bonding used for?

When your teeth have experienced excessive chipping or cracking it can show. Not only can it be visibly evident that your teeth are damaged but it can have a dramatic effect on the function of your teeth. When you can’t trust your teeth to perform basic functions like chewing your food or presenting a great smile, life can be tough. Fortunately, composite dental bonding can be used to repair your teeth with little hassle and at a great price point.

How does it work?

We use a composite material to fill in the areas of your tooth that have experienced chipping and cracking. This material is carefully sculpted to perfectly match your tooth’s shape and curvature to ensure that it matches the aesthetic of your tooth. To prepare the tooth to receive a dental bond we will make the surface of the tooth rough so that there is more surface area for the bonding agent to adhere to.

What is the composite material made of?

Composite is made of a mixture of glass, plastic, and a resin that acts as a bonding material. We mix these components together in order to perfectly match the color of your teeth. Once the composite has been mixed, we can begin applying it to your tooth. During the application process the material is easily molded and pliable like clay.

Once we have finished applying it to the tooth and smoothing it out we can set the material. To harden the material and set in place permanently, we shine a special UV light on it for a short period of time.

What kind of applications can it be used for?

When talking about dental bonding, usually we are referring to the front teeth being repaired. There are other ways to give the front teeth a new lease on life. Everything from porcelain veneers to dental implants are able to restore these teeth. Dental bonding is by for the easiest and most cost effective solution on the market when it comes to anterior tooth restoration.

Composite dental material is also frequently used in tooth colored dental fillings. Because of its unique properties, it allows us to drill much less of the tooth in a situation where an amalgam (metal) filling would require us to drill quite a bit. Not only does it leave more of the healthy tooth in-tact, it matches the color of the tooth and makes it almost impossible to tell whether or not you have had fillings placed.

Please call us today at (206) 204-9623 to schedule your appointment. Remember, if you experience tooth sensitivity or pain for more than a week, call us to schedule an appointment. Sensitivity lasting over a week could be the sign of a more serious dental issue.

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